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Gallery of Family Communications Tools

"Ask Us About Parenting" Screening Card

The “Ask Us About Parenting” Card helps parents and you get on the same page—talk the same language—about childhood behavior problems that parents are having trouble solving.

The “Ask Us About Parenting” Card can also reduce parents’ reluctance to bring up something like dawdling or whining or backtalk or tantrums, not knowing if the doctor’s office was the place to get these solved, since they weren’t a medical problem. When they see these and other behaviors on the Card they feel better knowing that:

  • They are not alone with this problem—it’s on the Card;
  • It’s okay to talk about the issue at the appointment—it’s on the Card;
  • A “parenting issue”, like biting or whining is about a “behavior” their child is doing that is a normal childhood behavior—it’s on the Card!

This conversation helps parents get over the stigma of opening up about parenting issues…and make it comfortable for everyone to talk about them because you have information and advice, as you do to solve medical issues.


How do families get the good news that your clinic is committed to healthy parenting and is the go-to resource for parents and caregivers for advice about behavior?  With communications tools, like this brochure…


…and posters like these throughout the clinic.

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